Our advantages

The super - fi moment guards your secrets,
your freedom

Zero sensitive

Vaginitis or light or heavy, we must not take lightly. Once the tampon is used improperly, it is a bomb, which can cause itching, burning pain and unbearable pain.

100% Water imbibition

In the face of sanitary napkin with poor water absorbing capacity, we may often face dirty clothes or sheets of problems,blood leakage mood caused harm to our life

Zero-fluorescence additive

Fluorescein is a major concern for women's dermatitis, and general negative effect on human body is nausea,cardiovascular reaction, and even heart failure.

Creative design One

Carefully selected natural cotton, natural, healthy, environmental protection, combed cotton fine soft, moisture absorption good, smooth, 100% fresh cotton gives you natural protection.

Creative design Two

Extreme ultra-thin experience, the light enjoyment of the zero burden, makes you feel no obstacle, really only 3mm thick!

Creative design Three

A second transient absorption, a touch GanShuang has generally dry surface, 1 second to absorb the flow transient absorption material, the surface immediately restore dry, truly a touch dry, superaborbent, super absorbing kernel design, center super absorption

Creative design Four

Simple packaging design, every month special day to protect oneself

Soft wings

The super - fi moment guards your secrets, your freedom